Soul Food

by Brian Weber

Who needs mountains anyway? For the typical average guy, isn’t a hiking trip a costly diversion? 

For the guy looking for an efficient workout, a mountain adventure is too dangerous, difficult, and time-consuming. The mercenary modern man chooses the gym where he has many options—elliptical, treadmill, stair climber, spin cycle, or the latest fitness fad fresh out of the box. He can watch TV, be entertained or informed, and do his sweating in air-conditioned comfort. Morning, noon, or night. Now that’s ruthless efficiency, the most bang for his bodybuilding buck. Fitness, the American way, is all about the numbers—steps, flights, heart rate, calories, elevation gain. It has nothing to do with the soul. 

Man is a unique fusion of a temporal body and an eternal soul. Doesn’t it make sense that the soul, the everlasting part, should get a bit more attention? The mountaintop experience is food for the soul, as different from the gym...

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