True Escapades of Daring Manliness!


Stumbling toward Heroism, Integrity, and Truth

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by Brian Weber

Is your life like a long spin on a hamster wheel? Lots of activity, but not going anywhere?

Here is your chance to escape the rat race. Join amateur adventure guide, Brian Weber, and his pals as they tackle tall peaks, deep canyons, and rough waters. Weber's back-of-the-envelope leadership style, and the threat of intervention by his alter ego, the Rube, make for some crazy episodes, close calls, and surprising discoveries.

A guy doesn't have to go half-way around the world for adventure and trouble. The Rube and his crew can get into perilous straits close to home on little more than a shoestring and some duct tape.

Rube has a penchant for provocation and a knack for stepping out of bounds. He will get you thinking about deep stuff from a curious, and seriously funny perspective. These true escapades of daring manliness will challenge your ideas about faith, truth, heroism, and what makes a man.

Your waistline may not shrink, but your ego will. Your biceps may not expand, but your soul will.

Reignite the same spirit of exploration and excitement you had as a boy, when the whole world was just outside your back door. Take a Boy's Trip, and get ready for a Rube awakening.

"A great funny journey turned into a great climb to will laugh and think out loud."

- Review on Amazon

"Men are not good at sharing. Beers. Fries. Feelings."

- The Rube from Thud and Wonder

About The Author

Brian Weber is a Cold War veteran who served as the captain of a nuclear missile combat crew. After saving the free world from imminent nuclear disaster, he has since been occupied as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and a freelance writer. He facilitates men's faith study groups and has been leading men on outdoor excursions since 2001. Weber is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and he earned his MBA from the University of Arizona. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife. They have three adult children and seven grandchildren. In real life, he is rarely this serious.


"Every man has as much potential for quit as grit, vice as virtue, cowardice as heroism."

- The Rube from Thud and Wonder

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"If there are any tales to be told, we're gonna be the ones telling them."

- The Rube from Thud and Wonder

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